• Segment Panels

    Segment 1

    A Broken Trust: American Voter Discontent

    Opening Lecturer: Dr. Justin Gest

    Panelists: E. J. Dionne (Moderator), Pratik Chougule, Sarah Jaffe, Dr. Michael Kazin, Michael Lind

    Segment 2

    Wasted Talent: Youth Unemployed & Underemployed in America

    Featuring: Dr. Harry Holzer (Moderator), Kisha Bird, Maureen Conway, Dr. Richard Reeves


    Segment 3

    Degrees of Separation: Regional Independence Movements

    Featuring: Sanford J. Ungar (Moderator), Dr. Andrew Davis, Dr. Andrew Hughes Hallett, Maeve Whelan-Wuest

    Segment 4

    The Unwanted: Refugees & Asylees

    Featuring: Katharine Donato (Moderator), Michel Gabaudan, Dr. Robert McKenzie, Dr. Nayla Rush