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See What's Up for the First Day of the Conference! Policy Galleries!

On Thursday, February 25th, the McCourt Policy Conference will hold an evening reception to kick-start the all-day conference event on Friday, February 26th. This reception will feature a Policy Gallery!!

Policy Galleries are interactive conversation sessions designed for conference attendees to learn more about each other and to begin conversations on topics that will be covered in further detail on Friday. For about an hour, conference participants will have the opportunity to join in and choose from a series of intimate, facilitated discussions with industry professionals and current movers and shakers in the policy world.
Topics will include:
  • Growing pains: What are the challenges developing countries will face over the next 50 years?
  • Climate and environment: What policies can be implemented to address the challenges of increased fossil fuel usage?
  • Manufacturing: What is the future of manufacturing in developed and developing countries?
Discussion leaders will facilitate the dialogue and provide stories and insight from their experiences.
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